for 2018/2019

§ 1

Students shall be enrolled to the POWIŚLAŃSKI COLLEGE IN KWIDZYN by the Enrolment Commission appointed by a separate President's ordinance.

§ 2

1. All persons being citizens of Poland or not being citizens of Poland who have passed secondary school graduation examinations shall be entitled to apply for studies on terms and conditions set forth herein.

2. In 2018/2019, the following enrolment limits shall be applicable:

Economics                                      210 persons



- General Nursing                          150 persons

- Medical Rescue                          180 persons

3.The limits referred to in item 2 ma change subject to the decision of the Senate of the POWISLANSKI COLLEGE IN KWIDZYN.

4.The enrolment shall cover the first-degree daily and extramural studies, separately for each field of study within the above limits.


The enrolment shall be conducted from 15 April 2016 to 18 September 2017.

§ 4

Candidates applying for studies at the POWISLANSKI COLLEGE IN KWIDZYN shall deliver the following documents to the enrolment office::
- student application (a form available at the Dean's Office and in the School's web site),
- secondary school graduation certificate (original or duplicate),
- medical certificate confirming no reasons why a given person should not study;
- obligatory health insurance statement,
- magnified copy of both pages of ID card,
- 4 ID card photos,
- confirmation that an enrolment fee has been paid.

To be enrolled for studies, the above set of document shall be delivered within the said deadline.

§ 5

Students shall be accepted based on the sequence of applications delivered.

§ 6

The list of accepted students shall be published in the information board. Each candidate shall be also informed about being accepted by registered mail. Refusals shall be sent by registered mail return receipt requested.

§ 7

One may appeal from the decision of the Enrolment Commission within 14 days to the Chairman of the Enrolment Commission.

§ 8

1.The Chairman of the Enrolment commission shall make a decision and notify a candidate thereof by registered mail within 7 days as of the appeal delivery.

2.One shall appeal against the decision of the Chairman of the Enrolment Commission to the President of the School of Management within 7 days.

3.The decision of the President shall be final.

4.The President shall also make other decisions in special cases relating to the enrolment process.

For the Senate

Professor Stefan Angielski