ECTS GRADE                                 DEFINITION PSW                                                              GRADE

A      EXCELLENT – excellent achievements (results) including only minor errors         5,5         

B       VERY GOOD – above an average standard, with some errors.                     5 and 4,5            

C       GOOD – generally good work with a number of noticeable errors.                    4            

D       SATISFACTORY – satisfactory, but with many (important) errors.                          3,5         

E        PASSABLE – work (result) meeting minimum criteria.                                               3            

FX      INSUFFICIENT – credits may be granted if a student completes
main gaps in material.                                                                                                          2            

F        INSUFFICIENT – credits may be granted if a student repeats
the whole material.                                                                                                               2            

The ECTS grading scale combines key words, i.e. "good" and "excellent" with figures, which makes them more transparent. The number of ECTS grades is a result of a compromise. If there were less grades, they would reflect too few information. Whereas, a bigger number of grades would mean be equal to the level of accuracy which practically does not exist, and the allocation of such grades would require more mechanical work.

At the POWIŚLAŃSKI COLLEGE IN KWIDZYN, the grading scale is from 2 to 5.5, and grades will be converted into ECTS credits as follows: