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The scientific research activity of the Powiślański College has an institutional and an individual aspect.

The institutional aspect includes the organisation of conference titled “Facets of welfare”, whose first edition was held in September 2010.

The aim of the conference is to create a platform for the exchange of views on the opportunities and risks associated with a growing affluence of societies, and also to stimulate the integration of medical and economic scientific communities involved in monitoring and analysing the issues of social and economic welfare.

Research interests of individual researchers focus on:

- international economic and financial relations;

- verification of economic hypotheses using the latest econometric techniques.

      Another current field of research covers issues related to the measurement of social welfare, its components and the interdependence between growth and/or economic development and broadly perceived quality of life.
- the subjects of sustainable development and social economics, including social activity to support NGOs;
- human resources management;
- employee motivation management;
- tangible project management;
- strategic investment scorecard models;
- problems in marketing promotion described by E.J. McCarthy in the 1960s, but evolving towards concept of marketing communication concept;
- globalization and internationalization of enterprises;
- strategic management and the role of its elements in the functioning of small and medium-sized enterprises and the competitiveness of enterprises and institutions;
- use and acceptance of information systems including the assessment of the use, costs and benefits of Open Source software, research methods of economic IT (especially quantitative methods, including structural equation modelling and the use of cause and effect models);
- design and implementation of information systems concerning: distance learning (e-learning), creating and publishing electronic documents, XML and its uses;
- innovation and its interdisciplinary implications, particularly in the context of flexible types of employment, flexicurity, adaptability and technological competence of technical and engineering positions in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE integrated computer systems;
- ecological projects;
- projects classified by the Ministry of the Environment as projects which may affect the environment and might worsen the state of the environment;
- projects in exploration and production of shale gas and oil;
- environmental, social and economic consequences of interference in the environment, mainly those currently associated with the exploration and extraction of shale gas;
- the cost of social / environmental and economic problems relating to the implementation of projects;
- human resources management and psychological foundations of management;
- analysis and evaluation of the impact of the EU climate policy on the Polish power sector as well as assessment of the prospects of development and transformation of this sector in view of the CO2 reduction commitments.

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