- the principles of professional ethics in the relationship with the patient and the therapeutic team

- research assessing the health system and health needs of the population

- research on the operation of nursing associations and international and national organizations, for example The Polish Nurses Association (PTP), the International Council of Nurses (ICN), European Federation of Nurses

(ESF), the Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers (WENRA)

- research in the field of dietetics;

- research on biochemistry;

- research on neurohormonal control of physiological and electrophysiological processes;

- studies in the field of pharmacology;

- research on organ pathology;

- research into the risks of disclosure of a particular disease based on the principles of inheritance and environmental factors;

- research into the aging of society;

- research into education in terms of health education;

- research in the field of public health;

- research in the field of quality in health care and nursing;

- research on modern nursing, in theory and in practice, as well as on the process of professionalization of nursing.